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This is a beginner guide on how to set up a vue.js app running on Vite. I’ll also add and configure ESLint & Prettier for linting and code formatting, set up Tailwind CSS for styling, and finally configure VueX and Vue Router.

So, let’s begin!

Set up Vite.js

Wait, what the heck is Vite.js?

Primarily Vue developers will be using Vue CLI to compile their projects, this comes with some disadvantages: You have to wait until your entire app to be bundled to start developing, this can make cold server start very slow. Larger…

Let’s imagine this scenario, you’re building a Django project, everything going very well. At some point, you needed to level up the interactivity of your app. what are you gonna do?

You will probably achieve the desired behavior using jquery or you will keep your models, build an API, and use a JavaScript SPA for the frontend.

What if I told you that you can keep everything you build with Django, get the interactivity and convenience of Vue.js, without all the overhead of a SPA setup?

This post aims to show…

This is a really short article, where I will show you how to generate cool avatars from a given string (email, username…) or from your logo using python.

The idea for this article came to mind while I was working on a project where I have to set a default avatar for each user from the backend because I was dealing with a backend feeding two frontends, and maybe more in the future. …

In this article, I will be giving you brief information about Elasticsearch, its installation, and some examples of usage.

ElasticSearch — basic concepts

There are some Elasticsearch basics that -once you’ve internalized them- make the learning curve less traumatic. …

Since being introduced by Facebook, GraphQL has been presented as a revolutionary alternative to REST APIs, GraphQL fixes many problems found with RESTful architecture. However, it also introduces a new set of challenges that need to be evaluated. This blog post will walk through things you should know about using GraphQl API with Django?

GraphQL (basic concepts)

GraphQl is a data query language and specification developed by Facebook for internal use in its native mobile apps in 2012 to handle sloppy networks and low internet speeds, before being publicly open-sourced in 2015.

The major benefit of GraphQL is the fact that clients can…

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